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We are a structural chiropractic and movement clinic in Miami specializing in NUCCA Upper Cervical Chiropractic and Structural Correction
Integrative Approach
We evaluate the whole person, not just the parts.
Precise laser aligned state-of-the-art digital xrays
Providing the highest quality spinal corrective care in Miami.

We Care About Your Health.

Do you want the best adjustment possible to have long lasting pain relief? We are the only clinic offering N.U.C.C.A Chiropractic Services. N.U.C.C.A is a unique form of Chiropractic that focuses only on the upper neck, yet has benefits for the entire body. The ultimate goal is to re-align the head and neck to restore postural balance while reducing the stress on the nervous system so that the body can heal optimally.

The adjustment itself is highly specific to your unique anatomy and as gentle as having your pulse taken!

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What We Do Best

We focus on your spine and muscles from a functional and structural perspective. We are your Miami Chiropractor

Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Structural correction of the upper neck and skull position that affects the entire body posture

Functional Movement

Posture must also be evaluated and treated in motion

Performance Training

Once a solid foundation is established, we bring you to the next level of physical fitness

Why Choose Us?

We are health care professionals composed of a variety of physicians and therapists that are experts in posture and structural correction of the spine.

Miami Chiropractor - Ryan Brady

Local History

We have been serving the greater Miami region for 5 years

Only One Of The 300 NUCCA Adjustment Practioners In The World

N.U.C.C.A Chiropractic focuses on the head and neck relationship to overall body posture.

Integrated Team

Our healthcare team consists of both allopathic and alternative health care providers.

Walk the Talk

Everything we preach in our office, we do ourselves. How could it be any other way?

Cutting Edge Technology

We love technology and utlilize the latest advances in patient care.

How We Can Help You?

If you would like to discuss your case and schedule your initial consultation with the VIOR Spine & Posture Clinic
please click the link below to get started, or call our office directly at (305) 448.2600

Our Clinic

Located in the heart of Brickell and the City of Miami, our modern office utilizes the latest technology to help you better

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What Will Happen on my First Visit?

Your first visit is really about determining if you have the type of problem we deal with. During a discovery session we will make this determination. If you are a candidate you will receive:

  • Static posture analysis with objective measures
  • Orthopedic and neurological exam
  • Initial NUCCA digital X-rays
  • SECA body composition scan
  • A visit with the top Miami chiropractor


Meet Our Specialists

The VIOR Spine & Posture team is an integrative health team to assist you in achieving your health goals

  • Dr. Ryan Brady
    Dr. Ryan Brady NUCCA Chiropractic Physician
  • Chris Montejo
    Chris Montejo LMT, Functional Rehabilitation
  • Heidi Rubio
    Heidi Rubio Certified Personal Trainer, Marketing

What People Are Saying

  • Once I learned about NUCCA I was hooked and convinced that this is the type of chiropractic practice that I needed on my wellness team. Dr. Brady is so knowledgeable and passionate about his patients and practice. I am so happy I have been able to add him into my healing journey.

    Jessica Matthews
  • After a long time of neck and upper body back pain and numbness on my right hand fingers a doctor suggested me to see Dr. Brady who is a N.U.C.C.A Chiropractor Care. After 3 months I am pain free and going back to my Zumba and all kinds of exercises. I couldn't be more happy and eager to go to every appointment to get me balanced. Besides being a very nice and dedicated doctor he is a profesional who knows what he is doing. WORTH TRYING BEFORE ANY SURGERY IS SUGGESTED!!!

    Tanya Cozzarelli
  • Dr. Brady is amazing!! My pain was eliminated quickly and painlessly!! Highly recommend him to anyone in need of an adjustment.

    Gira Mendez
  • Dr. Ryan Brady is a kind, compassionate, professional, extremely knowledgeable practitioner who takes the time to explain things in detail and respond to all questions. He has a delightful table side manner as well. I am the most discerning type of consumer and as a health professional myself, can say without a doubt that he's done the work, put in the time, required for his profession. He definitely knows and understands the functional medicine model, versus the dozen or so practitioners, including MDs I've seen in Miami in the past 15 years. The office is very clean and comfortable, the staff is wonderful too. I believe you'll be in great hands here!
    Myriam Lluria Sitterson
  • No puedo dejar de vertir nuestro agradecimiento por la excelente atencion recibida en MIAMI SPINE POSTURE CLINIC por el Dr Ryan Brady y su asistente, lugar donde es tratado mi hijo bajo la cultura del detalle, decoracion y estilo del local, hasta los mas importantes modales de atencion al ser humano el amor, carisma , entrega, profesionalidad y el respeto a los pacientes y en especial al de mi hijo por el resultado que ha venido presentando despues de ser tratado aqui, por lo que invito a toda aquella persona que presente algun problema de salud tanto organica como emocional acuda a esta oportunidad que para nosotros ha significado alegria, tranquilidad, felicidad y esperanza, gracias a la vida de haberlos puesto en nuestro camino.

    Livan Amaro
  • I am a practicing Chiropractor since 2000. I have had many spinal adjustments during these years and I can say with some expertise that NUCCA works in ways that other techniques have not been able. Dr. Brady and his staff are very professional and the office is super cool!

    Daniel Fernandez

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