Thank you for all those that attended our June workshop on posture and functional movement. In addition, a huge thank-you to Peki’s PK2Fit organic, gluten-free, sugar-free catering – everyone loved it!

For those of you that missed it don’t fret. We will be having a repeat next month at Skanda Yoga in Brickell. The focus of the workshop

  • Proper squat technique
  • Thoracic extension techniques
  • Upper cross and lower cross explained
  • The righting reflex and head tilt
  • CSF flow and hemodynamics
  • Deep diaphragmatic breathing
  • The true core muscles and how to strengthen them
  • The upper cervical displacement complex and its effect on global posture

For those interested to join our next workshop, please contact us.


Dr. Ryan Brady

Dr. Ryan Brady is the first and only NUCCA doctor in the greater Miami region.