Primal Workout with the Steel Mace

Originally developed by the Persian Warrior Elite for real world combat and wrestling the steel mace workout is an exciting functional way to get in shape.

steel mace exerciseAdding the Steel Mace training to your routine will improve your workouts and keep them interesting while you feel like a  warrior. The gada, or heavy mace, was the weapon of choice of Hindu soldiers during the Puranic age. It was used on combination with wrestling, swordmanship and archery. The original version was typically made with a bamboo stick with a heavy stone at one end. The training tool was used to develop strength in the back, chest, shoulders, forearms and fingers.

The modern day mace is constructed of cast iron and sleek in design available in a variety of masses. Many of the exercises are best perfected at a lower weight, so if you are planning to utilize the full gamut of possibilities we recommend starting with a light weight (10lbs or 15lbs) and working up. The great thing about the mace is that if you want to increase the resistance you can simply slide your hand closer to the end of the handle.

Evolve and Adapt with Full body conditioning exercises

  • Disproportionate weight displacement optimizes stabilizer muscles, joints and primary power centers.
  • Excellent training for sports that require rotational core strength and shoulder mobility, such as mixed martial arts, boxing, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and more.
  • Only a light weight is needed to give yourself a tremendous workout, making this tool great for home gyms.

The integration of mace primitive training will contribute to the following:

  1. Improved Grip Strength.
  2. Strong and Healthy Shoulders.
  3. Total Body Strength and Cardiovascular Conditioning. …
  4. Rotational Core Strength.

Ultimately, mace training is a great way to develop core strength for powerful, functional exercise.

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