Squat This! Deep Squat Benefits

Today, we will be discussing the “Deep Squat” or “Ass to Grass”, as used in the Cross-Fit world. A movement that is normally used throughout the initial assessment phase for each new client. This technique is considered a functional movement. Therefore, in order to properly perform a deep squat, one must be equally mobile and stable (mainly throughout the hips & spine).

By an individual performing a deep squat, a trained therapist should be able to spot faulty movement patterns caused by muscular imbalances, lack of mobility and core instability. Once these faulty movement patterns are corrected (using manual therapy & corrective exercises, as used in our office) you can now properly perform a deep squat. Unfortunately, many people have feared or steered away from the deep squat because they believed it would damage the knees, hip and low back. This is a HUGE misconception that many new studies have debunked. deep squat techniqueRecent studies show that, not only do deep squats optimally train the entire lower musculature, the ability to perform a proper one is an excellent indicator of your overall movement quality!

Discover some of the amazing benefits this functional movement has to offer!

Here are few reasons you should incorporate deep squats into your training regimen:

  • Deep Squats produce greater overall muscles development in the lower body, optimally activating the glutes, hamstrings and quads for superior growth compared to partial squat (90 degree bend at knee).
  • Deep Squats build structural balance by training the paraspinal muscles of the lower back in conjunction with the glutes for greater posture and athleticism.
  • In Deep Squat, as opposed to the misconception of hurting the knee, the deep squat has been shown to build healthier knees. Analysis show that you will experience less stress on the knee joint and have less risk of injury than with partial squats because the highest compressive force on the knee is at a 90 degree knee flexion angle.
  • Deep Squat trains the body in a motion that humans have evolved to perform with ease, and encouraging peak dynamic mobility.

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